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  • Dwight Burditt says:

    I read what you said tonight on Cbc And I laughed out loud. I’m not against religion I just don’t have one? Seriously?

    That’s funny! I mean really funny! Hope you feel the same way on your deathbed.

    Hahahaha you made my night!

    Thanks for the free thought

    It worth what I paid for it

    Moronic or what?


    Dwight Burditt

    April 16, 2015 at 3:03 AM
    • Chris says:

      Hi Dwight:

      Thanks for your comment. Since you directed it to me personally, I decided I would answer it personally.

      I am glad I could make you laugh. Laughter is one of the greatest forms of joy in our lives, and any time we can make others laugh, we are doing good, so I truly am happy.

      As for your statements, I am not against religion or belief in any form of divine power(s). Many of my friends and family are religious, some very much so, others to one degree or another. My personal lack of belief in any religion or deities is not an imperative that others must feel the same way. My children attend religious services, and they are under no obligation or pressure from me to follow my path, I simply answer their questions honestly and openly when they ask. But the decision is theirs, not mine. That’s what freedom means.

      As for the letter to Saint John council, the reason for writing the letter in the first place was twofold. First, it was a matter of legality – the Supreme Court had ruled prayer as part of municipal council meetings was against the Charter. Second, it was to ensure fairness for all.

      This situation is not unlike women not being permitted to vote, people of colour being not permitted to ride in certain seats on buses, or gays not being permitted to marry. All of these situations have now been deemed wrong, are protected by the Charter, are accepted as normal, and are practiced freely, as they should be.

      Religion is a deeply seated part of human history. Thousands, possibly millions of religions have existed throughout history. Most died off for various reasons, and some religions still exist and are still popular with many today in our modern world. But it belongs in the homes, churches, synagogues, mosques, and anywhere spiritual people wish to practice it. Government in a multicultural democracy like ours should not be seen to prefer or represent one group of people or one religion over another. If a religion becomes the de facto religion of a government, we cease to be a democracy and become a theocracy. You are currently upset because it is your religion that has had – until now – the privilege of being sanctioned by and represented by the city. Is this decided by majority? Currently the majority of this country are Christian, but that is changing. Within this century alone, Islam will become the predominant religion in the world. Will it still be acceptable to you if the majority were followers of Islam and prayers must be offered to Allah 5 times per day in city hall? What about Wiccan prayers?

      If you take the time to look at the various theocracies around the world, none of them are particularly hospitable places to live when compared to the standards and freedoms that exist in secular Western nations, and that is why we should not want state religions.

      As for how I feel on my deathbed, thank you for your concerns. Since death will be the last adventure and the end of my life, I do hope it is not too uncomfortable of a situation for me when my time arrives, but only time will tell. Hopefully I will be surrounded by those I love and have an opportunity to say goodbye and provide them with some form of closure. I have no fear of being dead, no religious tales of an afterlife weave their way through my thoughts, although I do admit I have a fear of the way I will die. But again, I am happy to live in a country where I am not forced to live by religious doctrines and if I decide the pain is unbearable, thanks to another decision by the same Supreme Court that ruled municipalities cannot practice religion, I now also have the right to end my own suffering or have a medical professional assist me. So, it seems my fears may all be for nothing.

      Thanks again for your comment.


      April 29, 2015 at 1:25 AM

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