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Here is a collection of valuable resources found throughout the internet. – A good site to find meanings/metaphor explanations in the bible. As well as many pages such as myths about atheists, questions that theists may have and others.

Snopes – The “mythbusters” of the internet. A great resource for looking at the validity of various urban legends

Skeptoid – An podcast/blog by Brian Dunning and team exploring various topics with a skeptical eye.

Skeptics annotated bible – A glossary of sorts exploring various holy books and the content within.

The Thinking Atheist – A great resource with Videos, Articles and Mech for the faithless.

CFIA Organic Products – A Handy dandy bit of info that details what is required to be certified organic in Canada.

Google Scholar – Where you can search on studies and other publications (NOTE: Some publications may not be free)


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